Episode 15 – Infosec Tabletop D&D with Brakeing Down Security

The first of a series, I sit down with Bryan and Brian of Brakeing Down Security fame to have a fun take on a classic tabletop scenario with a D&D feel.  Please hold the hate, I haven’t played D&D in many years and I know it’s not “classic”, but it’s fun and lighthearted.  We go through a few different scenarios with you all in the hopes you find it enjoyable, entertaining, and educational.

If you enjoyed this episode, please let me know!  I’d like to make this a recurring theme every 12-15 episodes with different podcasters if there’s enough interest.  Special shout out to @badthingsdaily on Twitter for helping provide the scenarios!

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Thanks for listening, and I will talk with you all again next time.

Episode 15 – Infosec Tabletop D&D with Brakeing Down Security

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