Episode 19 – Speaking to Executives with Tracy Maleeff

Have you heard the term, managing up? It’s and old expression used when you need to make sure that your boss has his or her expectations met so that you can focus on your own job.  Information security is really no different, and in a lot of ways it’s also more important to get right.  We are an industry of social introverts and generally prefer the warm embrace of an IRC screen, Twitter feed or Slack channel for our communications.  It’s taken me many years to get comfortable with speaking with other humans, but more than that I have learned there is a certain technique when speaking with executes – a special breed so to speak – about security.  Tracy Maleeff, the InfoSecSherpa, joins me to help guide us all on proper techniques to communicate with senior leadership.

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Episode 19 – Speaking to Executives with Tracy Maleeff

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