Episode 27 – Infosec and Mental Health with Danny Akacki

Stress.  Depression. Anxiety.  Fear.  Uncertainty.  Doubt.  All of these symptoms and conditions are well known to anyone who has spent a few years in security.  This can be a heavy topic, but it’s one that we should discuss openly and often.  Danny Akacki joins me on this episode to talk about his own mental health, what are some of the things that has helped him, and he also gives us some insight on his contributions back to the community through the creation of infosanity.org, a website dedicated to helping those in the hacking community who may be struggling and aren’t sure where to go.

Please remember, if you have a serious concern about your mental health, please, PLEASE seek professional help.

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Thanks for listening, and as always, I will talk with you all again next time.

Episode 27 – Infosec and Mental Health with Danny Akacki

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