Episode 45.1 – Holiday Special – Storytime with Tinker – NO MUSIC!!!

Hey everyone, this is a re-release of episode 45 with Tinker, but this one is WITHOUT the background music.  I hope this makes up for the snafu in an otherwise great interview!

Happy December everyone!  Whatever holiday you may be celebrating this season, may it be enjoyable.  I’ve decided for the month of December to treat myself, by having a bunch of people I hold in high regard to join me in sharing of their tales, similar to the fireside chats I’ve had in the past.  We have no set agenda, we have no set time, but we do plan on sharing some fun stories that hopefully you will enjoy. So consider this a holiday gift my dear listener, and I hope you find it as enjoyable as I do.
This episode we are going to have a man whom I honestly believe should write as many books as possible, and provide audiobook versions as well, the one and only Tinker!

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Thanks for listening, and as always, I will talk with you all again next time.

Episode 45.1 – Holiday Special – Storytime with Tinker – NO MUSIC!!!

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