Purple Squad Security
If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

Welcome to Purple Squad Security

Red teams break stuff. Blue teams defend stuff. Purple teams learn to protect better by breaking their own stuff. Welcome to Purple Squad Security!

Purple teaming is the idea of utilizing both offensive and defensive techniques for information security, i.e. recon the target, enumerate, pop the machine, escalate privilege and maintain access. Then look at how you managed to get past the defenses, what does your log say? Did you get an alert that you ignored? Use that knowledge to improve defenses and then wash, rinse, and repeat!

Purple Squad Security is a weekly podcast for red teamers, blue teamers, audit weasels, firewall monkeys, and IDS mechanics. If you have an interest in information security, we’ll cover it. If we don’t, just reach out on Slack or email and I’ll cover it!

Have a listen to past episodes, find us on your favourite podcast platform, send us an email, or join us on the Slack channel for more shenanigans! Tired of Twitter? Come find me on Mastodon! All are welcome to join the squad!